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Mechanic's Reliability
By Heather Madigan
In just a few minutes, you can determine whether a mechanic is for you or not. Following some simple tips will save you money and time.

When you tell the mechanic what make your car is, the mechanic should not look puzzled and flip through a car manual to find your car -- this is a sure sign of incompetence and you may want to move on. If you would like to pay the mechanic to study up on your vehicle, feel free, but you may want to find somebody who is familiar with your vehicle and can get the work done within a reasonable time frame.

If an employee of a service station recommends that you leave the vehicle overnight for preliminary inspections, do not do it. This is a common rip-off that allows the station to cushion your bill with extra charges. You may not notice them by the time you get your car back, because you have waited for a couple days and are ready to be driving again.

If anybody requests that you leave money for repairs before any work is started, run. There is no need for this transaction. Anybody who demands money up front from you is conning you into unnecessary charges.

These are not foolproof tactics to weed out untrustworthy mechanics. They also are not completely thorough. They are good tips to follow though, when you need to find a mechanic and you have limited time to do so. You may be able to save yourself some money and time by keeping your eyes open.

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