Adult Education in Wichita Kansas


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Adult Education in Wichita

With a number of nationally recognized campuses located in Wichita, you have an excellent choice in undergraduate and graduate degree-granting colleges, as well as access to the state's largest technical college.

There are so many good opportunities out there for young, bright, intelligent, career-minded individuals. With so much out there it is hard to know, as a High School Student, what career choices you may be interested in pursuing. In can be very difficult to make up your mind, and now you have to start looking at where you want to go to college. Take a look at some of these choices and also take a look around on-line on your own.

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Colleges & Universities

Wichita State University
1845 Fairmount
Wichita State University is distinguished from other state supported schools in Kansas by its urban setting.

Founded in 1895 as Fairmount College by the Congregational Church, Wichita State University is now an integral part of the state system of higher education overseen by the Kansas State Board of Regents. WSU offers 61 degree programs in more than 150 areas of study in six undergraduate colleges. The graduate school offers 45 master degrees, 10 doctoral programs and three specialist degree programs in more than a hundred areas of study.

With an enrollment of more than 15,000, Wichita State prides itself on specialized attention to each student. Although the University's students come from almost every state in America and 110 foreign countries, 87 percent are from Kansas, representing nearly all counties in the state.

The 330-acre campus is modern and accessible and at the same time retains the flavor of the University's 107-year heritage. More than 60 pieces of sculpture by internationally known artists adorn the campus.

Friends University
2100 University
Founded in 1898, Friends University is the largest, fastest-growing independent university in Kansas with an enrollment of more than 3,000 students. The tiny Wichita campus of a century ago has gradually grown to include more than 17 buildings and facilities, incorporating some of the newest technolgy available for students.

Organized into three colleges, the university offers 13 associate degree programs, 43 bachelor degree programs and 11 master degree programs. Friends also offers several accelerated degree-completion programs.

Newman University
3100 McCormick Avenue
Founded in 1933 as a Catholic two-year teacher's academy, Newman University is now a four-year coeducational liberal arts college offering more than 40 different degree programs with an enrollment of more than 2,000 students.

University of Kansas

KSU logoKansas State University Distance Education - K-State offers a number of bachelors degree completion programs, masters programs and certificate programs through distance ed

Adult and Continuing Education Master's Degree - Kansas State University offers course work leading to a master's degree in adult and continuing education. This program is geared toward the adult population, with class meetings scheduled at times convenient to adults.

University of KS School of Medicine-Wichita
1010 N. Kansas
A community-based medical school providing clinical training for about 100 junior and senior medical students every year. The school regularly ranks among the top 10 medical schools in the United States whose focus is primary care.

Bethel College
A private Christian-oriented four-year liberal arts institution offering a wide range of degree programs including accounting, business and economics, computer science and nursing.

Butler County Community College
A public two-year institution offering programs in industrial technology, business, nursing and liberal arts.

Cowley County Community College
A public two-year institution offering programs in accounting, business, aviation maintenance technology, drafting, industrial arts, machine and tool technology, manufacturing technology, non-destructive testing, welding and liberal arts.

Hesston College
A private two-year institution offering programs in aviation, nursing, business, computer science and liberal arts.

Hutchinson Community College
A public two-year institution offering programs in manufacturing engineering technology, electronic engineering technology, computer technology, computerized drafting, business, health care and liberal arts.

Southwestern College
Recently opened a Wichita campus for it degree programs in manufacturing technology and nursing.

Tabor College
Its local curriculum is designed expressly for the degree-completion requirements of adults busy with obligations to jobs and familes. Tabor awards degrees in administration, management and Christian ministry from its Wichita campus.

Continuing Education

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University at McConnell
Offers associate, bachelors and masters degrees since 1988 in Wichita and is open to the public!

Wichita Area Technical College
301 S. Grove
The mission of Wichita Area Technical College is to promote lifelong learning and provide quality technical and general education experiences through certificate, associate degree and customized training programs. More than 15,000 people are served each year through secondary vocational and technical programs.

Wichita Area Technical College has been meeting the business and educational needs of the Wichita community since 1965. While technical training has been available in some form to the Wichita area since the late 1800s, it was in January 1965 that the State Board of Education was presented with and approved an application to launch what was then known as the Wichita Area Vocational-Technical School todays Wichita Area Technical College.

New Horizons Computer Learning Center - 3985 E. Harry
Substantial training capabilities aimed at specialized job skills focusing on the latest software used in today's workplaces.

Webster University
Conducts its master of arts degree program at Wichita's McConnell Air Force Base.

Comparing Online Education With Traditional Education

The advent of the Internet has been a boon for online education. The Internet is a rich storehouse of information. You can search the Internet for everything starting from courses offered, collecting information and getting financial aid. You can pursue an entire course and obtain degrees via the Internet. Education has come a long way since traditional courses and classes. The latest craze of online courses is surely something that needs to be noticed. Online education is here to stay.

There are certain differences between online and traditional education. There are some very obvious advantages with online courses. Here you would not require attending classes physically. This is a huge advantage in itself. After juggling career and family, you would surely not want to travel long stretches to attend classes. You can simply go home, relax and log on to the net to access the course materials online. It saves a lot of time, money and energy. You have the flexibility to choose your own schedule and timing. You choose your own course and timetable. You are your own boss. However, the downside is that since you have no restricting element (as in a traditional framework), you might tend to take life easy, and as a result lag behind.

Traditional courses will never vanish but at the same time, online education is also gaining tremendous popularity. Many students choose such courses due to the variety of choices they can access. Also the teachers are more approachable. You can chat with your professors any time you want to and get your queries clarified. You can connect with your classmates too in the virtual space without having to worry about them physically piling over you.

In both traditional and an online courses, you get the basic education and degree. But yes, the online version does score very high on the points of flexibility and convenience. The reason why it is becoming so popular is because you do not have to change your daily lifestyle too drastically. You do not have to compromise on your job or family. With a little bit of balance you can carry out all you are doing quite smoothly.

Choosing The Correct Online Course
There are numerous courses available to you, but you need to do thorough research before you choose the correct one. You must choose a course that is accredited. There are thousands of institutions out there that are there to dupe you out of your money. So you must be very careful. You must choose a legitimate institution that is recognized. You just need to visit their website, and in most cases, will be able to find out their accreditation.

Once you have short-listed the accredited institutes, the next step is to look for third party reviews. Most websites will display these reviews with pride. Getting third party reviews are one of the best ways to know about an institute. The institute might have many praises to sing for itself. That does not really matter. What does matter is what their alumna and other people think and say about the institute.

University of Phoenix
The nation’s largest private accredited university, offering degree programs aimed at working professionals. Courses are taught with combinations of online and classroom learning. Offerings include bachelor and graduate degrees in business administration, business management, information technology and technology management.


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