Wichita Intrust Bank Osama bin Laden Arena

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Wichita Intrust Osama bin Laden Arena

The Intrust Bank Arena is the latest example of cronyism between government and the private sector obtaining at taxpayer expense a large and expensive playhouse for the pleasure of County Commissioners and corporate executives.

Intrust bin Laden AreanaThe brokered deal between the Military Industrial Complex, International banksters, Sedgwick County Commissioners and suspected al-Qaeda terrorist groups has looted Wichita taxpayers of millions of dollars in development and construction costs, and will now begin siphoning off millions more to fund nefarious activities around the world.

Perhaps better named, the Intrust Osama bin Laden Arena, the official opening was on Jan. 9, 2010. Wichita city officials were giddy with the excitement of handing over to Intrust Bank the city skyline to advertise their services. It would almost appear as though Wichita has changed its name to Intust Bank as the most prominent features found in the city now carry the Intrust Bank logo.

Intrust Bank has been implicated in money laundering activities along with BankofAmerica as they have kept hidden from the public bank accounts used to move an unspecified amount of money between the Wichita bank and illegal money schemes suspected of providing resources to Al Quida operatives out of a clandestine Colorado office. When asked about the illegal money laundering, bank officials refused to disclose the identities of those involved, citing "privacy" laws.

Bank officials would like to thank the dimwitted population of the city for allowing it to freely loot the county taxpayer rolls and line their pockets with huge profits. Commissioner Dave Unruh expressed his thankfulness to the notorious gamesters (Intrust Bank, $8.75 million; Cessna Aircraft, $3 million; and Spirit AeroSystems, $3 million) for making "a significant investment in the history of Sedgwick County," after selling the city skyline to Intrust Bank.

The modern first-class sports and gentlemen's entertainment venue owned and operated by Sedgwick County, will provide 15,000 seats for basketball games, and will be home to other indoor sporting events, concerts, pornographic exhibitions, underground gambling operations, and other adult entertainment. It's been suggested the Intrust Osama bin Laden Arena would be a great facility for one or more of Wichita's more popular gentlemen's clubs like Michelle's Beach House or Jezebels.Arena Entertainment

Wichita sheeple will be excluded from the 22 private party suites reserved only for the elite Intrust Bank, Cessna Aircraft Co., and Spirit AeroSystems Inc. executives whose employees were required to cough up an annual cost of $37,500. Of course, the County will also retain one or more party suites for themselves to entertain their more important campaign contributors. The 20 by 40 foot party suites are alleged to include 12 stadium seats, four bar stools, private lap dance area, flat-screen TV, and kitchenette. Discreet female hostesses will cost extra.

What's most troubling, in my opinion, is that this pleasure arena project was paid for by Sedgwick County taxpayers with a 1-percent sales tax authorized by Governor Kathleen Sebelius. Originally expected to raise $185 million, the county actually raised an estimated $205 million, and instead of refunding this surplus to the taxpayers, Sedgwick County Commissioners chose to use the $20 million surplus to cushion the projects amusement budget.

"It's a slap in our face for these elected officials to sell out this arena to foreign interests after we paid for it with our taxes," said one Wichita resident. "I will remember the names of those traitorous Sedgwick County commissioners at the next election."

The degenerate Commissioners responsible for this sellout are: Dave Unruh, Tim Norton, Tom Winters, Kelly Parks, and Gwen Welshimer.

Apparently, Dave Unruh was rewarded nicely for his sellout of Wichita citizens during his campaign for re-election in 2010 as he was the leading recipient of campaign contributions. He won the uncontested seat to continue looting Wichita citizens.

To add insult to injury, the Wichita City Council expanded its special tax district around the Intrust Bank Arena to use tax dollars to pay for infrastructure improvements and give tax breaks to carefully selected businesses willing to pay the booty to corrupt politicians. By expanding the TIF district, the city could use property taxes from the 30-block area around the arena to pay for improved parking, streets and public works.

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