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Kansas Outdoors

Kansas Outdoor Treasures
Discover all that Kansas has to offer with this comprehensive guide to the center of America's Heartland. From hiking and biking to fishing and hunting, as well as information on climate, wildlife, parks and more, this guide - complete with detailed maps for each distinct section of the state - shares with its readers everything there is to know about planning an outdoor Kansas adventure of any length or kind.

Paddling Kansas
Pack up your paddles and discover over 75 adventures along the rivers and streams of Kansas. By canoe or kayak, explore diverse routes of the Missouri, Kansas, and Arkansas rivers and all the exciting things the land has to offer along the way. Complete with detailed maps for each trip, this guide will teach readers about water conditions and rental options, topographical features, landmarks, flora and fauna, camping information and much more, no matter which journey they choose to take.

Kansas in ColorKansas in Color
This volume captures, in full color, the rich textures and subtle beauty of the Kansas landscape. Selected from more than 4,000 photographs, the images presented here convey the unique feeling, the flavor, the essence of Kansas.

Kansas (Hello Usa)
Introduces the history, geography, people, industries, and other highlights of Kansas.

Kansas History

Bust to Boom : Documentary Photographs of Kansas, 1936-1949
Kansans of the 1930s and 1940s lived through more sweeping changes than any other generation past or present. Destructive forces of nature, an economy gone awry, and a devastating--and ironically, economically renewing--war left the world irrevocably altered. In this captivating collection, some of America's best-known documentary photographers provide a valuable glimpse into that tumultuous time.

Bloody Dawn : The Story of the Lawrence Massacre

Cattle TownsThe Cattle Towns

Cowtown Lawyers : Dodge City and Its Attorneys, 1876-1886

Ghost Towns of Kansas : A Traveler's Guide

Faded Dreams : More Ghost Towns of Kansas
Like hundreds of towns across Kansas, Palermo peaked then petered, leaving behind only a faded image of its former self. Now it's a ghost town--a shadowy remnant of what it once was, says Daniel Fitzgerald. Some ghost towns are completely gone, he says, while others remain as abandoned ruins or foundations. Some even have small populations and community spirit, but none are the bustling sites they once were. All are towns that time has passed by.

Daltons! : The Raid on Coffeyville, KansasDaltons! : The Raid on Coffeyville, Kansas

Deadly Days in Kansas
Meet the legends of Dodge City and Abilene - Bill Hickock, Clay Allison, the Earp brothers and Tom Smith. Learn about colorful characters like Neb, "the Devil's own" and Jes-so, the dwarf. They are but two of the personalities who kept life interesting in Sheridan - a wild little town that popped up at end-of-track when the railroad ran out of money - and disappeared overnight when construction crews moved on.

Cowboys and KansasCowboys and Kansas : Stories from the Tallgrass Prairie

Dying and Living on the Kansas Prairie : A Diary
With quiet eloquence Rutledge celebrates her mother's life and guides us on a journey from anguish and doubt through self-discovery and healing. In the tradition of earlier plainswomen, she fuses deeply personal emotions with universal themes tied to family, community, religion, and work--amidst the stark beauty of the Flint Hills. Rutledge vividly describes the people and the seasons of the prairie, providing insight into how generations of tallgrass people have related to the land. She offers nostalgic memories of her childhood and family history, as well as reflections on the Kansas pioneer spirit and its special brand of humor.

Civil War KansasCivil War Kansas : Reaping the Whirlwind (Modern War Studies Series)
Long recognized as a key study on the war in the trans-Mississippi West, Civil War Kansas describes the political, military, social, and economic events of the state's first four years. Castel contributes to a better understanding of the Civil War in this region through a realistic presentation and analysis of the Kansas-Missouri border conflict, the operations of the Missouri guerrillas under Quantrill, and the Union and Confederate military campaigns in Missouri, Arkansas, the Indian Territory, and Kansas itself.

Civil War in Kansas

Exodusters : Black Migration to Kansas After Reconstruction

Farming the Dust BowlFarming the Dust Bowl

Fifty Million Acres : Conflicts over Kansas Land Policy, 1854-1890

Ghost Settlement on the Prairie : A Biography of Thurman, Kansas (Rural America)

Going Home to Nicodemus : The Story of an African American Frontier Town and the Pioneers Who Settled It

Great Gunfighters of the Kansas CowtownsGreat Gunfighters of the Kansas Cowtowns, 1867-1886,

Hayseeds, Moralizers, and Methodists : The Twentieth-Century Image of Kansas

Historical Atlas of Kansas

Kansas : A History

Guide to Kansas Architecture

WichitaKansas : A Pictorial History

Home on the Range : A Century on the High Plains
Kansas (Portrait of America. Revised Edition)

Horse of a Different Color : Reminiscenses of a Kansas Drover

The Kansas Century : 100 Years of Championship Jayhawk Basketball

Kansas (America the Beautiful)

Pioneer Women : Voices from the Kansas FrontierPioneer Women : Voices from the Kansas Frontier
From a rediscovered collection of priceless autobiographical accounts written by hundreds of pioneer women, Joanna Stratton has made a remarkable and widely celebrated book. Never before has there been such a detailed record of women's courage, such a living portrait of the women who civilized the American frontier. Here are their stories: wilderness mothers, schoolmarms, Indian squaws, immigrants, homesteaders, and circuit riders. Their personal recollections of prairie fires, locust plagues, cowboy shootouts, Indian raids, and blizzards on the plains vividly reveal the drama, danger and excitement of the pioneer experience.

Kansas Quilts & QuiltersKansas Quilts & Quilters
"An exhilarating account of quilt history, Kansas history, and women's history. Rooted solidly in scholarly research and written with obvious empathy, this book excites the mind and warms the heart. It is a major contribution to the literature on quilts and women's lives. Salute!"--Gwen Marston, author of Twenty Little Patchwork Quilts

Kansas FolkloreFolklore from Kansas: Customs, Beliefs, and Superstitions
A major contribution to the heritage of the Great Plains region, this volume is a compilation of over 7,000 separate items, relating to the folk customs, beliefs, and superstitions of Kansas. More than 2,000 people, representing every county in the state, were interviewed during a fifteen-year survey conducted by Koch and his assistants. Individuals of all ages contributed material that has lived in oral tradition for decades--items ranging from superstitions about when to hold a wedding ceremony to remedies for hiccups and warts.

Roadside Kansas

Roadside KansasRoadside Kansas : A Traveler's Guide to Its Geology and Landmarks
Roadside Kansas, the perfect glove-compartment companion, is a guide to the geology, natural resources, and landscapes along nine of the state's major highways. Covering more than 2,600 miles, Buchanan and McCauley have provided mile-by-mile descriptions of interesting features, both contemporary and historical, to be seen all across the state. The information is organized by highway, so that modern-day explorers can follow the road logs easily, learning about the land they travel through.

America's Heartland; Travel Guide to the Backroads of Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, and Kansas

The Double Eagle Guide to Camping in Western Parks and Forests: Northern Great Plains: North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas

Kansas - Nature

An Illustrated Guide to Endangered or Threatened Species in Kansas (Kansas Nature Guides)
This unique and important guide focuses not only on threatened and endangered species, but also on the preservation of the habitats that sustain them. It will be of great benefit to those people in industry and agriculture whose business requires them to alter the natural environment but who wish to protect and preserve its treasures.

The Birds of Konza : The Avian Ecology of the Tallgrass Prairie
by John L. Zimmerman
Renowned for its tall grasses, the Konza Prairie in east-central Kansas provides shelter for a variety of birds, from the mourning dove to the wild turkey.

Field Guide to the Common Weeds of KansasField Guide to the Common Weeds of Kansas
This handbook illustrates and describes the 200 kinds of common weeds found in Kansas along roadsides and in yards, gardens, and cultivated fields. Designed as a reference for the general reader with no special training in botany, it will be of value to farmers, ranchers, gardeners, or anyone who must control weeds.

Fishes in Kansas (Public Education Series, No. 14)
Distributed by the University Press of Kansas. Published by the University of Kansas Natural History Museum in cooperation with Western Resources, the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks, and the Kansas Biological Survey.

Kansas WildlifeKansas Wildlife
In Kansas Wildlife four of the state's best wildlife photographers combine 130 photographs to create a colorful sampler of the state's biodiversity--from delicate Cricket Frogs to ponderous Bison, from stately Great Blue Herons to madcap Chickadees, from cautious Ornate Box Turtles to high-strung Prairie Rattlesnakes.

Oceans of Kansas Paleontology
A guide to the Kansas of 85 million years ago when the state was covered by a vast ocean and real sea monsters lived here.

A Guide to Bird Finding in Kansas and Western Missouri

A Guide to Kansas Mushrooms (Kansas Nature Guides)

Kansas Geology : An Introduction to Landscapes, Rocks, Minerals, and Fossils

Kansas (From Sea to Shining Sea)

Kansas City; Downtown America (Downtown America Book)
Susan Sturman / Hardcover / Published 1990
Kansas Prairie Wildflowers
Clenton E. Owensby / Paperback / Published 1980

Kansas Trivia
Barbara Brackman (Compiler) / Paperback / Published 1997
Kansas Wetlands : A Wildlife Treasury
Joseph T. Collins, et al / Hardcover / Published 1994
Our Price: $24.95
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Kansas Wildfire
Cheryl Anne Porter / Mass Market Paperback / Published 1994
Kansas, Bloody Kansas Vol 1
Randal L. Greenwood, Raldal L. Greenwood / Mass Market Paperback / Published 1996
Kansas; Postcard Book
Paperback / Published 1997
Kaw Valley Landscapes : A Traveler's Guide to Northeastern Kansas
James R. Shortridge / Paperback / Published 1988
Our Price: $7.95
Kidding Around Kansas City : What to Do, Where to Go, and How to Have Fun in Kansas City (Kidding Around)
Lisa Harkrader, Suzanne Lieurance / Paperback / Published 1997
Konza Prairie : A Tallgrass Natural History
O. J. Reichman / Paperback / Published 1991
Living Landscapes of Kansas
O. J. Reichman, et al / Hardcover / Published 1995
Lonely Plains
Esther L. Vogt / Paperback / Published 1993
Mercy & Eagleflight
Michael Phillips / Paperback / Published 1996
Mobil Travel Guide 1997 Southwest and South Central : Arkansas, Colorado, Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas (Mobil Travel guide
Fodors Travel Staff / Paperback / Published 1997
On the Hill : A Photographic History of the University of Kansas
Virginia Adams, et al / Hardcover / Published 1993
Peopling the Plains : Who Settled Where in Frontier Kansas
James R. Shortridge / Hardcover / Published 1995

Rooted in Dust : Surviving Drought and Depression in Southwestern Kansas (Rural America)
Pamela Riney-Kehrberg / Hardcover / Published 1994

Kansas - CookBooks

Not Just Beans: 50 Years of Frugal Family Favorites
by Tawra Jean Kellam, David G. Cooper (Illustrator)
Not Just Beans is a collection of frugal recipes and tips from the cooking expertise of three generations of Tawra Kellam's family. Using these tips and suggestions, Mrs. Kellam shows how anyone can tighten his or her food budget. In the book, Tawra shares the secrets of how she spends an average of $125 per month feeding her family of four.

Kansas City BarbequeKansas City Barbeque: From the Kansas City Barbeque Inner Circle
Great all-purpose grilling and smoking cookbook. More than 150 mouthwatering recipes with information about 1. time to cook 2. temperature 3. wood-smoke or not.
The Kansas City Barbeque Society Cookbook : Barbeque...It's Not Just for Breakfast Anymore
Hardcover / Published 1997

A Kansas City Christmas : Traditions and Recipes from the Heartland
Karen Conde Adler / Paperback / Published 1994

The Kansas City Coffeehouse Cookbook
Paperback / Published 1996

Kansas City Cuisine : A Sampling of Restaurants & Their Recipes
Shifra Stein, Karen Adler (Editor) / Paperback / Published 1995

Prairie Recipes and Kitchen Antiques
Wilma Kurtis, Anita Gold / Paperback / Published 1992

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