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Some of the best and most reputable cosmetics can be found at bargain prices when you’re willing to shop online. Though it may take a little research to find the best cosmetics at the best prices, it’s certainly worth the time and effort when you see how much money you can save on any and all type of makeup and skin care products.

By shopping for cosmetics online you not only have thousands of merchants to choose from, but you also have a wealth of customer review information to aid you in making decisions about the makeup you purchase. The internet is the best place to shop for cosmetics.

For common makeup lines found in general stores you can sometimes save money by buying directly from the makeup manufacturer’s website. For more premium makeup brands this is seldom the case and you’ll have much better luck searching for premium cosmetics through online auction websites and other comparison shopping websites.

There are various forms of makeup / cosmetics that make up a complete makeup kit. Here we will discuss the basic components of a makeup collection, as well as what each type of makeup product is for.

  • Concealer is a thick type of opaque makeup that is used to cover various types of blemishes or inconsistencies in the skin
  • Liquid foundation is used to color the face, as well as for lightening and concealing skin blemishes and flaws. The coverage of liquid foundations ranges from sheer or light to full coverage.
  • Cream foundation tends to provide much more full coverage than that of liquid foundations.
  • Powder is used to set the foundation and helps absorb excess oil produced by the skin, thus providing what is referred to as a ‘matte finish’.
  • Lipstick, lip gloss and lip pencils are all used to color the lips. Lip pencils are used to define the shape of lips or fill in portions to create an enhanced lip shape. Lip gloss is sometimes used separately and sometimes on top of lip color of either lip pencil or lipstick to provide a glossy sheen.
  • Blush or rouge is used to add color to the cheeks, which emphasizes the cheek bones. Blush comes in powder as well as cream and gel forms.
  • Mascara is used to color and / or enhance eyelashes. Mascara coats the eyelashes to enhance length, thickness and color or eyelashes.
  • Eye shadow and eyeliner are used to emphasize and contour the eyelids. The general principle is that by making the eyes look larger in relation to the face, the effect of a more youthful countenance is produced.
  • Bronzer is a somewhat newer classification of makeup, but is used much like rouge. Bronzer is applied to accentuate particular areas of the face where the sun usually falls, in order to produce a sun kissed appearance.
  • Nail polish is used to color fingernails and toenails. Shades include every color of the rainbow as well as clear tones for application on top of nail color or alone.

A personalized cosmetic bag is a great gift for women to accommodate a number of make up items. The cosmetic bag can be personalized with the woman's name on it or monogrammed with her initials.

Mineral MakeupMineral Makeup from Youngevity is healthier because it’s made from 100% pure minerals.

  • Can be used on all types of skin types and tones
  • Hypo-allergenic & fragrance free for your sensitive skin
  • Endorsed and promoted by Melinda Silva, MD
  • Safe with no chemicals, dyes, irritants or preservatives

The Proper Use Of Perfume

Perfume has been used over the centuries to inspire, delight, and arouse people’s sense of smell and thereby other desires of the human body. People all over the world have certain scents that attract them or will turn them completely off. Many people have had the experience of walking into a room where someone is wearing a strong smelling perfume and they have either gotten a headache and felt nauseous or have been drawn in by the pleasantness. It is important for anyone who uses scents to understand the proper use of perfume and be able to apply it to their own application.

The Proper Scent
A very basic thing to understand about the use of perfume is that all scents are not good for all people. Even the most expensive products will only smell their best on certain people. A person needs to take time to explore what scents are best with their body chemistry and with the desired effect of the perfume. If the scent is meant to be a pleasant smell for day to day use it will be completely different that a scent that is meant to seduce a lover.

Perfume counters at department stores are great places to smell and sample different products before buying them. A person should take the time to smell all types in the bottles and find scents that are pleasing to them. Then the person will want to try each type one at a time over several days to see which perfume blends best with their body. One thing that can help to make this process go faster is to learn to identify the category of each label. Some scents are floral, some are woody, some are blended and so forth. By determining what type of scent a person wants and defining what the different perfumes are a person can quickly eliminate many products. A professional in the industry that works at a fine perfume shop can be very helpful in this venture.

There are a lot of people who are just plain tired of having to try so hard to grab the attention of the opposite sex that they so crave. Whether it is because they feel that they are not attractive enough on their own or that they just have bad luck when it comes to getting attention from people, they often seek out methods and products to help them get a little bit of a head start. This is where the best pheromone cologne on the market usually comes into play, as it is a very popular seller.

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The Application
When a proper scent has been found, the person should understand how best to apply the product. It is important that a perfume be subtle and not overpowering. People who pass by should get a whiff of the pleasant smell and not be overcome by the odor. Applying a dab of fragrance to the pulse points of the wrists or neckline has always been a popular use. Others choose to spray the scent in the air and walk through so that they have a total body application. For the woman who is intent on seduction a dab of an alluring scent in the bodice area is very effective. Some scents work well when sprayed over the hair allowing them to be more true to the original scent and not mixed with the perspiration and musk of the individual.

It is important that the wearer not mix the scent with other lotions, shampoos and powders that have their own odor. These products should all be used in the unscented varieties or in the same scent as the perfume. Caution always needs to be taken to make sure the scent achieved is simple and desirable.

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