Ford Escape

Ford Escape For 2008
by Joe Ratzkin

A couple of weeks before the Los Angeles Auto Show, some car fanatics have been able to spot the newly revamped Ford Escape which was made ready for the 2008 model year. Although they were able to see some changes to this popular sport utility vehicle, those witnesses were able to say that the Ford Escape really did not go through a major and complete redesign. But they were able to distinguish that the vehicle did receive some changes for its front end.

Some of the biggest changes that were noted were the headlights that looked larger plus a grille that now held three bars. For other changes, the witnesses did mention that the lower end also got some slight changes as well as the arches of the front wheels. As per most of the vehicles Ford auto parts, it looks like it was left untouched.

Now at the LA Auto Show, show goers were able to witness the complete changes done to the Ford Escape. Being the best selling compact sport utility vehicle not only in the Ford range but in the whole of the auto market, people were able to enjoy the changes done to the vehicle. Sure enough, Ford made sure that the vehicle would be able to closely contend with other competition like strong vehicles like the Toyota RAV4 as well as the Honda CR-V.

Both the exterior and the exterior of the 2008 Ford Escape got some changes. In fact, the electric power steering that the vehicle now holds is actually new. However, if you are thinking that the power of the vehicle also did get some additional bonuses, you would be disappointed to know that the underpinnings of the vehicle like the engine and suspension systems were not touched by the changes. This vehicle still comes with two engine choices - the four cylinder engine with 153 horsepower and the 3.0 liter V6 engine for 200 horsepower.

To those who are looking for changes to the 2008 Ford Escape hybrid version, then despair not. The new hybrid also did get some refreshing changes and was also sent out at the mentioned auto show the same time as the new version of the normal unit.



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