Lexus GS 450h

Lexus Sets Free A Domineering Hybrid
by Jennifer Dylan

Toyota is emphasizing its hybrid capabilities by wrapping it with power and technology. Said automaker creates a whole new driving feel and performance by modernizing its hybrid model lines. So far, its hybrid compact cars outsell other brands in the industry.

According to Lexus Division, GS 450h offers a compelling new reason for luxury car buyers to consider hybrid technology. To boot, Lexus GS 450h came from the redone 2006 mid-size GS sedan. The former is made sportier and powerful with added features to make it more striking and admirable. It has a refined 3.5-liter, 292-horsepower gasoline V-6 which is capable of working efficiently with 2 electric motors. Its 2006 model was the first Lexus to offer an all-wheel drive, pulled-back cabin with "slingshot" rear side windows, racier features which include the long and lower hood, and the dual exhaust outlets.

Lexus also added that the engine and motors collectively produce 339 horsepower. Fanatics will choose the Lexus figure because as with other hybrids, you cant just add up electric and gas engine horsepower to get an accurate final number. One motor functions as the primary generator, engine starter and controller of engine speed. The other shoots power to the rear wheels.

In connection with auto parts Lexus, 2006 GS has 245-horsepower V-6 or 300-horsepower V-8 and an incredible inventory of electro-mechanical enhancements. Its new version - Lexus GS 450h is all that and more. The latter is designed to compete with top sports sedan around the globe like BMW and Mercedes. The only difference is that Lexus comes with a better luxury edge. This fact may have played an important role while Lexus GS 450h gained an impressive record of sales in US territory.

2007 Lexus GS 450h also comes with a proficient continuously variable automatic transmission (CVT), impressive fuel economy, keyless start system, quiet engine and a touch screen control system that is capable of many functions. Its interior contains cupholders, comfy seats and lighting conditions. Aside from that, the new hybrid produces 80 percent fewer smog emissions.

Jennifer Dylan is a 35-year-old gal who hails from San Francisco. She has a habit of updating herself on new car trends and models. She spends most of her time reading up on cars and hopes to test drive them. She works for one of the topnotch car parts dealer in the U.S.



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