Saturn Vue Green Line Hybrid

GM conveys to the automotive world the very first hybrid deemed affordable. It comes in the name Saturn Vue Green Line Hybrid imposed with style and performance.

Vue is a mature platform nonetheless Saturn introduced modifications to give a new version of improved handling and ride. According to Saturn, "The forward-thinking VUE Green Line hybrid SUV helps you go green without going broke. Our hybrid system is designed to give you 20% better fuel mileage than the conventional VUE engine, making less of an impact on the environment - your wallet."

Saturn auto parts of said hybrid work seamlessly with only two perceptible additions to the gauge cluster -- a charge or assist meter and an "Eco" indicator light to notify when the hybrid system is paying off. The hybrid comes with a combined 170 hp from the electric motor and gasoline engine.

Car fanatics are saying that Saturn Vue Green Line Hybrid is a very competent highway companion. "Saturn has delivered one of the best-handling, smoothest-riding and dead-quiet midsize sedans on the market. The Aura is just a marvel of affordable engineering. Too bad the interior lacks the same refinement as the new SUVs and trucks from GM. I dont think the company has moved fast enough to translate those top-of-the-class cabins to its cars quite yet," says David Thomas, car aficionado.

Another critic noted, "The ride is quiet at speed, and it even does the weird gasoline-engine shutoff when you come to a stop, like the Toyota Prius does. Buyers will really enjoy how the hybrid system doesn't make the car feel like any less of a performer. Theres really nothing to detract a regular Vue shopper from opting for the Green Line."

Saturn Vue Green Line Hybrid hits the balance between firmness, navigation system and bump absorption. It is also impressed with comfy furniture and accessories like slatted headlights. It is a looker imposed with capabilities and performance which can be had without spending a beefy sum.

Joe Ratzkin is an avid fan of anything automotive. This 34-year old bachelor wanted to be a mechanic when he was a kid but changed his mind and became a freelance writer and researcher instead. He is currently based in Chicago, Illinois.



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