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Wichita, Kansas

Wichita and Kansas Books
Welcome to the Cyberguide to Wichita bookstore. We have set out to offer the most comprehensive collection of books on Wichita and Kansas as well as other topics of interest to the Cyberguide to Wichita visitors.
 Listed below are some of our recommendations. Click on individual titles to open a new window where you can find current price and more information about the selected feature.

Wichita History

Keeper of the Plains Blackbear Bosin's "Great Indian" in Wichita Keeper of the Plains: Blackbear Bosin's "Great Indian" sculpture in Wichita, towers above the Arkansas River near downtown. The civic monument is held in high regard with the image often used as a symbol for the city. Simultaneously, the sculpture is a nearly sacred gathering place for Indians of the southern plains.

Wichita KansasWest of Wichita : Settling the High Plains of Kansas, 1865-1890
This volume, which presents a "slice-of-life" on the Plains during its early settlement, adds rich detail to our understanding of the struggle for survival in a harsh landscape that tested the hardiest pioneer. Miner concentrates not only on the major economic events of the period--railroad building, Indian raids, the grasshopper invasion of 1874, the blizzard of 1886--but also on the more personal experiences equally important: building sod houses, choosing crops, filing of claims, fighting varmints, and dealing with the deaths of children on the prairie.

BTK StranglerNightmare in Wichita: The Hunt for the BTK Strangler
THE FIRST BOOK to tell the tale of the BTK serial killer-written by the lawyer who assisted the police during the thirty-year search and was instrumental in the long-awaited arrest.
In 1974 a serial killer began a fourteen-year murder spree in Wichita, Kansas. Joining the ranks of Ted Bundy, the elusive sex murderer taunted authorities with clues, puzzles, and obscene letters. Then in 1988, he vanished, the killings stopped, and one of the longest and most baffling manhunts in the annals of crime came to a dead end. But in 2004, a letter- and a grisly clue-arrived at a local Wichita paper. And with it, a terrifying implication: BTK was back. Now, Robert Beattie delves for the first time into one of the most intriguing, and horrifying serial murder cases in American history.

BTKBind, Torture, Kill: The Inside Story of the Serial Killer Next Door
For thirty-one years, an unremarkable family man stalked, killed, and terrorized the people of Wichita, Kansas. He was a devoted husband. A helpful Boy Scout dad. A reliable, conscientious employee. A dependable church president. And behind it all, the notorious serial killer BTK—a self-anointed acronym for "bind, torture, kill."

Wichita's Legacy of FlightWichita's Legacy of Flight
Known as the "Air Capital of the World," Wichita, Kansas, has been continuously associated with aviation longer than any city in the world. The cityís inventive and entrepreneurial spirit made an early mark on the aviation and aerospace industries. From the first hot air balloons floating over the wheat fields to the major aviation corporations that still call the city home, Wichita has been associated with the wonder of flight, which celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2003. The images in this book document the evolution of flight and its subsequent effect on the cowtown that dared to dream it could become an international center for aviation.

WichitaWichita, 1860-1930 (Images of America: Kansas)
Wichita, Kansas, has grown significantly since the mid-19th century, when a group of pioneering entrepreneurs arrived to build on the trading and hunting activities of the Osage and Wichita peoples. Those early days of commerce gave way to Coleman, Cessna, and other companies whose influence helped shape the cityís development. From the Texas cowboys who ran the cattle drives to Lebanese merchants, the population of the city has been as diverse and as dynamic as its companies. This visual history of early Wichita showcases the colorful landmarks, people, and businesses that built the bustling city on the Arkansas River.

Dissent in Wichita: The Civil Rights Movement in the Midwest, 1954-72
Dissent in Wichita traces the contours of race relations and black activism in this unexpected locus of the civil rights movement. Based on interviews with more than eighty participants in and observers of Wichita's civil rights struggles, this powerful study hones in on the work of black and white local activists, setting their efforts in the context of anticommunism, FBI operations against black nationalists, and the civil rights policies of administrations from Eisenhower through Nixon.

Wichita HistoryWichita century: A pictorial history of Wichita, Kansas, 1870-1970

Wichita: Visions from the Heartland

Bear Grease, Builders and Bandits : The Men and Women of Wichita's Past

"Ad Astra Per Aspera": "To the Stars Through Difficulties": The Story of the Fourth National Bank and Trust Company, Wichita, Kansas

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