Selling A House: Getting The Most For Your Investment


Selling A House: Getting The Most For Your Investment

When selling a house, every seller believes that his house is worth more than it is. It is just the simple way of things. Yet, what is important to know is the actual amount of its worth. To figure this out, you will need to have an appraisal of the home done. Many times the buyer will have this done as well. In any case, there are some things that you can do to spruce up your home to make it more appealing and maybe even raise its value just a little.

Tips to help your home sell better

Clean it up.
One of the biggest drawbacks to a home from the buyers point of view is a messy house. Get rid of the clutter. Buy some storage boxes and tuck all the unnecessary things away. Also, clean the windows and sills, the fans, the carpets and the walls. Get down there and clean those baseboards too. Keep your landscaping neat and clean too. A clean, organized home is a welcoming home.

Touch up paint.
If you have a bright pink room and the buyer only has boys, they are going to be turned off by the pink factor. Invest in a few gallons of paint. Look for neutral tones that are soft and warm. These will help not only to give it a more neutral look, but it will also create a cozy living area.

Small updates help.
Get rid of the old seventies style ceiling fan. Pull down the décor that is outdated. Fix up small broken things like closet doors, holes in the walls and broken light fixtures. These little things are instant, "Oh, its broken" things that the buyer is going to remember.

By taking the time to really spruce up the home and making it as modern as you can, you can actually get more for your money. One thing you will want to talk to your real estate agent about, though, is major projects. Just because you invested $30,000 into a home that you are selling does not mean that it will tack on $30,000 to the price. Small things are a great way to get more from your home.

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Preparing Outside Your Home

Selling a home is all about impressions. What will those that pull up into your driveway say about your home? What will they notice that is good? What will cause them to turn and run? There are many things that you should carefully consider about a home before you put it on the market to sell. The first impression of the home is the exterior. Here's a checklist to help you insure that it is just what they are looking for.

What sticks out poorly?
Take a walk to the curb and look at your home from the view that those that will be buying it will see it. What sticks out as something that would cause them to think twice? These are the areas you'll need to tackle first.

Make sure that you spend some time on the landscaping. If there is time, reseed the lawn for a plush feel. Insure that it is nice and green as well. The bushes, trees and other garden aspects should be neat, free of debris and growing properly. Trim the bushes. Keep it uncluttered.

Get the toys and 'stuff' put away.
You should take some time to make sure that all the stuff that is normally in your yard is put away. Now, don't just shove it into the garage either. You should carefully organize it all to show that you have taken care of your home throughout the time you have owned it.

The driveway and sidewalks near your home should be clean, free of any weeds and free of cracks. If you can patch any holes or cracks, this will help. Give it a good cleaning too.

Clean and repair: Gutters, downspouts, lights, statuary, window sills, the roofing and siding.

Taking the time to do all of these things will help you to easily and inexpensively improve the overall look of the home. When someone drives past the home, sees the for sale sign, and looks at your home, they will want to pull into the driveway and walk right in to find just what else the home has to offer. Selling a home begins with putting the best product on the market that you can.

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