The gift of cash is often a much appreciated gift by a bride and groom because they will be able to spend the money on whatever they need or put it toward a more expensive item that they want. One question that a wedding guest may ask themselves is what is a suitable amount of cash to give.

Flexible Guidelines for Giving Cash Gifts

Unfortunately, the giving of cash as a wedding gift doesn’t follow any specific guidelines or rules. There are a number of things you should factor in when coming up with the appropriate amount to give as a gift.

Are you related to the bride or groom? What amount will fit in with your budget? These are two important questions to think about, although if the gift is for a family member then one hundred dollars is often considered to be the minimum to give. If you are close relationtions with the bride or the groom and are financially well off, five hundred dollars would be considered a more suitable gift. Whatever you decide, a cash gift will be much appreciated by a couple who is just starting out and may be struggling financially.

In contrast, you have more flexibility when giving a cash gift to a casual friend or a friend of a friend. Even so, fifty dollars should be considered a minimum in situations such as these.

If you are a close friend who has supported a bride and groom through tough times, you may want to consider a two hundred dollar gift. You fall somewhere between a relative and a casual friend in this  situation.

If you get invited to a lot of weddings, you probably already have a good idea of what is an appropriate amount for a cash wedding gift. If not, another option is to ask other people who you know are invited to the wedding to see how much money they are planning to spend on the wedding gift.

It’s true that it can be challenging sometimes to come up with the right amount for a cash wedding gift. Even so, you want to make sure that you can afford the gift you decide to give. Hopefully this article has removed some of the stress of making this decision. Remember that the bride and groom will appreciate the gift no matter how much you decide to give. More great wedding gift ideas are available with this free online wedding planner.


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